Brunelco owes its success to its versatility, flexibility and broad knowledge in the field of microelectronics. In addition to developing your product idea into a complete product, we also offer a number of services.

The list of services below is intended as a guide and gives a global overview of our capabilities. Do you want to know if your project is in good hands with us? Please contact one of our employees for an orientation meeting.

Of course we have a much broader scope, where we focus on your needs.

Schematic design

Brunelco has extensive experience in developing customer-specific electronics. Before we start designing, we will discuss your wishes in detail with you. The control system is…

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Embedded hardware development

Embedded software schema

Brunelco can develop a complete embedded solution for you. Think of a solution consisting of both the analogue and digital hardware, programmable logic and the…

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PCB Design

PCB design

PCB design (Printed Circuit Board) can start as soon as the electronic circuit is fully known and also the desired shape of the circuit board…

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Industrial desgin

Over the years, Brunelco has built up an extensive network of companies that can provide support and specialist knowledge in terms of ergonomics, possible design,…

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Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The user environment or user interface, derived from the English user interface (UI), also called man-machine interface (MMI) or human-machine interface (HMI), is the interface…

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EMC Pre-Compliance

EMC Metingen

EMC effects are estimated to cause 70% of all ‘miscellaneous interference’ in equipment. Every user can be confronted with it; every developer should take it…

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Electronics production

Brunelco started as an engineering company with a focus on the development of customer-specific electronics. However, our responsibility does not end when the design is…

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By validation we mean the evaluation of the software at the end of the software development process. This is to ensure that the software requirements…

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For larger projects (e.g. developments for the OEM industry) where several parties are involved in the development of a product and where the risk of…

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Supervision of startups

begeleiding van startups

Many new ideas come from entrepreneurs. Developing the idea and making it a commercial success requires a lot of knowledge, effort and experience. Especially starting…

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safety standards

logo van Sil

Brunelco can take care of the entire process of standardization. We have a lot of experience in the field of certification and safety requirements. Examples…

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Embedded software development


Embedded hardware systems cannot function without embedded software. Previously, there were electronic measuring and control systems that consisted entirely of hardware. In an embedded system,…

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PCB testing

pcb testen met pcb tester

Depending on the application of a product, we want to be able to guarantee a certain level of quality. For products that need to guarantee…

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