What customers say about Brunelco

Read what customers have to say about Brunelco. Over the years we have worked on many different projects for various clients. This is often under cover of secrecy, so maybe your story is not listed here.

The Rail Stress Test and our contribution

Simple, precise and fast track testing Brilliant measurement system saves millions on railway maintenance  Much damage to the railways is caused by temperature fluctuations in…

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HFK Engineering about the Puls Fishing Project

“The share that Brunelco electronic innovators in Haaksbergen supplied to the now so successful Pulswing for the Dutch fishery was essential,” explains Harmen Klein Woolthuis….

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Hydrospex about Brunelco

Moving drilling rigs, salvaging a Russian nuclear submarine such as the Kursk, raising the mega Ferris wheel ‘London Eye’… former director of Hydrospex, Tjerko Jurgens…

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