For larger projects (e.g. developments for the OEM industry) where several parties are involved in the development of a product and where the risk of damage and investments are high, we also offer our services, knowledge and experience in the form of consulting. This can be about the (partial) development itself, but we can also act as a supervisor or sparring partner. We regularly review a design or part of the design of third parties, a perfect way to reduce your risks. It is also sometimes very pleasant for designers to be able to exchange ideas with colleagues.

Electronics are sometimes difficult to fathom. It is possible that your circuit may seem to live its own life. The question is whether this is due to software problems, for example, or to EMC influences. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can often put our finger on the problem in a short period of time, or at least rule out certain causes.

Brunelco works independently of third parties and can use its specific knowledge for you.


We can help you with:

  • System design
  • setting up principle diagrams
  • making a working model
  • the development of a PCB layout
  • testing of proto types
  • design reviews
  • error analyses
  • Risk estimates (FMEA)
  • production supervision
  • giving a second opinion

In addition, it is of course possible to use our test facilities for systems that have been developed and produced by third parties.