EMC Pre-Compliance

EMC MetingenEMC effects are estimated to cause 70% of all ‘miscellaneous interference’ in equipment. Every user can be confronted with it; every developer should take it into account; every manufacturer can make savings if he ensures that the EMC properties of his products are proven”.

The text above has been copied literally from the TNO site. As a developer, we naturally take the prevention of these problems into account in the design. In other words, a device may not interfere with another device and our device may not be disturbed.

We have an EMC measuring cellar, in which we can do all kinds of tests, to check whether your device is sensitive to external disturbances, but also whether your device does not cause disturbances on other devices.

Electromagnetic influence consists of two parts, namely:

Electromagnetic interference or EMI

Interference is caused by the fact that every electrical or electronic product transmits or transmits electromagnetic fields via cabling, whether or not this is desirable. Other products may then receive these fields or currents, causing undesirable effects in the functioning of that product. For example, an operating mobile phone held close to a loudspeaker may emit beeps from the loudspeaker.

Interference may occur between devices of the installation itself or between devices of the installation and systems in the vicinity.

Elektromagnetische Susceptibiliteit of EMS

This is the second part of the EMC field. This part deals with the question: How do I make equipment insensitive to external electromagnetic fields?

What can Brunelco do for you in the EMC field?

  • Checking whether your device complies with the CE regulations
  • Testing the robustness of the developed device or system by means of our EMC test cellar
  • Pragmatic solutions or advice for current problems in the field.

We clearly do not take on the role of organisations such as TNO. We do not provide a complete measurement report, that is why we have such bodies. You can come to us for pragmatic solutions. Because we have had to deal with a lot of EMC problems in our designs, we are strongly equipped in this area. Take advantage of this