Wireless experts

Since the discovery of radio signals, a lot has changed. More and more equipment is using information transfer via radio signals, making it more and more crowded in the electromagnetic spectrum. The methods of transmitting signals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, allowing more information to be transmitted in a shorter period of time.

Outdated or not?

Developments in wireless communication are moving at a rapid pace. Concepts, techniques and possibilities follow each other in rapid succession. That is positive, but it can also have unpleasant consequences. For example, certain modules may no longer be suitable and sometimes no longer be available. This has consequences for your applications. Brunelco has extremely effective solutions for this, based on three decades of experience.

This also means that a design sometimes has to be revised after just a few years because certain modules are no longer available. Brunelco has more than 30 years of experience with advanced communication techniques and can therefore quickly understand which technique is most suitable for your application. If a certain component is no longer available, you should look for an alternative. This does not always require a complete overhaul of the design. It is often possible to use a replacement module, which can be used on the original design by means of an adapter board. The adapter board will take the new module to the place where the original module was mounted. By adding a microcontroller, intelligence can be added to the design, so that interfaces and protocols are exactly in line with the original. This way, the design does not need to be adjusted and the software can often remain unchanged, saving you a lot of costs!

More and more modular

Electronics will be built up in an increasingly modular way, so that changes in modules or in the availability of modules will more often be a problem. However, new modules are becoming smaller and more sophisticated, so that in many cases an interface board will be able to support your existing design for a longer period of time. The form factor and functionality remain unchanged, so that you can also offer your customer spare parts.