About Brunelco

We work from a modern, well-equipped and spacious office. The rooms are divided among themselves and arranged according to the nature of the work. Software, hardware, production areas and storage are well separated from each other.





Started literally in the attic room….

Founded in 1986 by Han Brunnekreeft we started almost literally from the attic room. At that time not every product was equipped with a microcontroller and other tricks had to be devised to make electronics smart. An example of this is the development of the Atari TV interface. An addition to the popular game experience of Atari at the time. This allowed the game console to be linked to any colour television, so that an expensive colour monitor was not necessary.

New techniques, such as the use of microcontrollers, were quickly implemented. At that time, programming was still mainly done in assembly. Gradually, the range of services and the level of knowledge has grown. As a result, we now also supply complete Windows applications for the adjustment, control, testing and visualisation of processes.

 Located in Haaksbergen

Since 2001 we have been located in our location in Haaksbergen. We are housed in a modern building, where we have access to an extensive range of instruments, a warehouse, offices and a reception area. We can also supervise production, carry out final assembly and quality control, test for EMC properties (interference or disturbance) and think along with you about design, cost price, ergonomics, etc.

Take a look at the inside of our office in Haaksbergen: