Zigbee Integration

Our client:
An operating system has been developed for Nedap, which is internationally active in recognition systems, using Zigbee technology to wirelessly switch groups within homes and office environments on and off. This application focuses on energy saving and flexibility. This system enables Nedap’s Atrium programme to control different end groups completely independently. The central command is given via a PC via an RS232 serial connection. Through various commands it is possible to see which groups are present, the groups are switched on or off and the status of the group can be viewed.

Applied technology
Zigbee Pro

The end result
With the development of this wireless control system, which communicates via a Zigbee network, Nedap has a flexible system in house which can easily be linked to the other energy saving systems Nedap has in its programme. Think for example of the Senzafil energy management system.

With the application of this system, it is easy to switch lighting, define lighting groups and take energy-saving measures.

ZIgbee receiver