Hoist remote

Tillift besturing front 3D viewAt the request of our customer, a hoist control system has been developed.

The properties of this control are:

  • Connections for up to 5 motors (each motor can run either left or right). Each direction of rotation is called a function, so that a total of 10 functions are realized);
  • Motors to be used: 24V DC, max. 10 A (240 Watt);
  • Power supply from 24V Li-Ion battery
  • Connections for 2 limit switches for 1 motor; the motor stops in this direction of rotation when the limit switch is activated.
  • Current limitation per motor can be set to protect against overload and overheating of the motors, time delay can be set when the current limitation is exceeded;
  • Start and run characteristic curve adjustable per motor
  • Current limitation also serves as end-stop detection of motors
  • Very low power consumption when the controller is not active (hibernation mode)
  • Settings via a USB connection and PC application

Tillift controller