Switched mode power supply

Module voor pulsvisserijA Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is a power supply that uses high switching frequencies. As a result, the transformer can be constructed much smaller than when using a conventional 50Hz transformer. This makes it possible to generate a safe low voltage, which is touch-safe and yet can deliver high power, at a low weight.

This technique is frequently used in, for example, laptop and computer power supplies. Due to large-scale applications, mains adapters with a low power output are now also produced as SMPS, because the required electronics are produced on such a large scale that this is ultimately more advantageous than using conventional transformers (i.e. savings on copper wire and soft iron).

An additional advantage of the SMPS adapters is their higher efficiency: the losses in a small transformer are often as high as 50%. Especially when no energy is required, a conventional transformer continues to absorb energy, which is completely absorbed by losses in the transformer. As a result, the standby consumption is not in accordance with the current regulations.SMPS

At Brunelco we develop our own SMPS power supplies if we cannot use standard solutions, for example because the voltage offered is different, or because the environmental conditions are totally unsuitable for standard solutions.


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