My Bodyguard

Our client

It started with a newspaper report. A girl was found missing and murdered weeks later in the woods near the German Ahaus. Rob Kuipers, Guus Lentelink and Edwin Siemerink of 3SP in Hengevelde were shocked by the message, but at the same time thought that a simple GPS alarm system could prevent these kinds of dramas. This led to the creation of My-Bodyguard, a small alarm box the size of a box of cigarettes. Two buttons, which are pressed at the same time, ensure that the emergency call with GPS position arrives directly at 112.

Order description

3SP was looking for the right partners and through Syntens Brunelco came into the picture as a developer for the system. 3SP wanted an easy to use system that is able to communicate its position to a central office at any time and also offers the possibility to call the emergency centre 112 in case of an emergency. The system also checks whether the message has been received and will repeat the message if necessary.

Applied techniques

The combination of GSM/GPRS, GPS and ZigBee makes it possible to continuously see where a person or product is located. The following messages are possible:

  • Notification with the highest urgency, e.g. a life-threatening situation: after pressing both buttons
  • Low urgency notifications, e.g. help or service notifications: after pressing one button
  • The ‘search and find message’: activate a remote unit from the central unit
  • Technical message, e.g. the battery voltage is too low
  • Sabotage report (if the product, without being logged off, is still removed)
  • Inactivity report (mandown or fall detection)

Applied expertise

Every My-Bodyguard product can, with the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) available worldwide, determine the current position with an accuracy of up to 5 metres. It stores them in its memory. It then transmits the position live (via the GSM network) to the central server.

Important design information

From ‘standard GPS’ it is known that, inside buildings, the satellite reception is not optimal. That is why My-Bodyguard works with very sensitive GPS receivers. Due to the combination with the ZigBee technology, the My-Bodyguard is able to indicate the location of people inside buildings on the floor and room level.

The end result

The development of My-Bodyguard eventually led to the development of 3 versions of personal protective equipment. These are successfully marketed by 3SP both nationally and internationally.My bodyguard

My Bodyguard

My-Bodyguard carries you on the body. You can send out a distress signal by pressing 2 buttons at the same time, so that a (pre-recorded) message, including position determination, arrives at a monitoring centre. Regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors. My-Bodyguard always works in Europe!

My-Bodyguard also works as a fall alarm. Crucial if the user is unconscious, for example. He/she is then no longer able to activate the button himself. In that case, My-Bodyguard activates itself.


The standard personal alarm system (PAS) has been around for a long time. It can be used to send a notification to a monitoring centre via a necklace transmitter, only from home. My-SOS works on the same principle with one important difference. My-SOS works from home, outside, in the car, in short: anywhere in Europe, wherever you are!


Secure your most valuable asset… yourself and the one you love! With My-VIP, you are at home, in the car and outside in safety! My-VIP has been developed as a personal alarm system with GPS location determination. The special design makes My-VIP inconspicuous to carry around in a jacket, trouser pocket or bag. So you always have your personal alarm system within reach.