Flame sensor

Our client
Brunelco has developed a flame sensor for a customer who is active in brand preference. The sensor is used to activate sprinkler systems in order to protect thatched roofs against fire, for example.

Description of the assignment
The flame sensor is capable of detecting a lighter flame at a distance of 12 meters. The sensor is available with a single and a 3-fold sensor. The viewing angle of 1 sensor is 120 degrees, which makes it possible to protect a large part of a roof.

Article 2.85 of the Buildings Decree (version 2003) stipulates that a roof may not be fire-hazardous if the building is located within fifteen metres of the plot boundary. There are currently two ways of meeting this requirement:

  • the application of an approved fire-retardant coating or the installation of an approved sprinkler system.

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The flame sensor developed by Brunelco is part of a complete fire extinguishing system that has been approved by TNO. The output of the sensor is used to control a sprinkler system.

The sensors have meanwhile become technical tours de force. For example, the current sensors are smaller, which makes the roof look tighter. The sensors are also more sensitive and fewer in number are needed to detect a starting fire. In addition, the system is completely reliable because as soon as a sensor fails or malfunctions, a message to this effect is sent to the control system.