Custom Sensorsolutions

Sensors are applied in a lot of electronics. Especially in IOT where is collected sensor information. Electronic manufacturers respond to this by offering a wide range of sensors.  On loose elements as on system components which you can build in. Especially the system components, like pressure and temperature sensors,  are used in mechanical engineering often. For components who are not applicable for electronic manufacturers the Brunelco custom sensorsolutions are very suitable.

Wide range sensors

You can choose from a wide range. You can enter the processing of the sensor data to a suitable signal as wished. Not only the processing of signals, also the design you can allign on your own situation. 


Hydronautica’s throttles contain Brunelco prints.

For a relation active in fire safety Brunelco had developed a flame sensor.

Flame sensor

For Velda BV from Enschede Brunelco has developed a aquatester


Maybe a custom sensorsolution is the missing switch in your project.