Velda Aquatester test uw waterkwaliteitOur customer
Velda BV is a dutch supplier of a wide range pond procucts. They are market leader of the benelux and innovation is very important. At Velda they know knowledge of water quality is essential, especially when keeping fish and plants. Thats why Brunelco has developed the aquatester.

This tester measures the most important water values ​​in a few seconds. This makes it easy to check the water quality. The digital test results can be send by Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet. The app uses the values for a complete diagnosis of the water and can also display historical values.
In the development of the AqquaTester are used the following techniques:

  • Bluetooth
  • Low Power/ Battery Powered: Even when the device is off old values are remembered with low battery consumption
  • Sensor technic: Measuring strip is being analyzed with a sensor

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

This technik we haven’t used to send measurement data only, but also to give velda the posibility to implement future features (new strips for example). For security reasons, we have protected this update. The update files are encrypted and have specific properties that only allow ligitimate updates. This encryption also makes copying the AquaTester very difficult. We like to think along with our customers and we find security and protecting your IP very important.

Short time to market

In july 2018 we started developing the AquaTester. Despite long delivery times, we were able to realize a short time to market.

Design voor manufacturing

We think about the optimal price for a long time. This enabled us to make the costs of entire production visible to Velda during the design process. The testability is optimized also because of this.

Cooperation ith Brunelco Production

Because of the unique cooperation between Brunelco Engineering and Brunelco Production components can be purchased strategically. By reserving stocks in time, we ensure the the customer can roll out immediately at the end of the total product development. The total lead time is also short and efficient because we produce and test the product.

Curious about the possibilities?

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