logo van NFCNFC is being used more and more often in smart phones and as a result, it is suddenly becoming more widely known. NFC is an abbreviation of Near Field Communication, in practice up to a distance of about 10 cm. It is a method that enables wireless data transfer over short distances. The NFC tag can be fed by the reader as we know it from RFID techniques. NFC is therefore compatible with a number of RFID standards.

It is important that not only information can be read from the NFC tag (for identification purposes, for example), but also that information can be written into it. This makes the technique suitable for recording transactions, institutions, logistic routes, checking off checks or operations, etc.

A carrier of 13.56 MHz is used. The tags can be very small, the size of the antenna determines the maximum read/write distance. This antenna can also be mounted on a PCB in the form of a printed coil.

Some examples of tags:

NFC tag

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