SRI Smart Remote IO

Our solution

In order to be able to switch, measure and regulate reliably over long distances, we have developed the SRI module.

The module can be connected by means of simple cabling, several modules can be connected to one bus. This is an ideal module for anyone who wants to set up their control system in a more compact, fully protected and cost-effective manner. This solution is very suitable for serial solutions, where the control takes place from a PC, and multiple modules have to work together. Due to the robust output signals, in most cases you no longer need to use an auxiliary relay so that the wiring and installation time are reduced to a minimum.

  • This solution is also very interesting in terms of price!
  • Control from PC environment
  • easy to connect to Ethernet, database, graphical control
  • Two-wire connection for communication (RS485)
  • Guaranteed availability: the current version is still fully interchangeable with the first copies from 1997, specifications have only been improved.
  • Compact design: All functions on only one printed circuit board, making it easy to integrate into your own housing.
  • No auxiliary relay required: outputs are suitable for direct valve actuation (1.6 A, 24V per output).
  • Interchangeability: boards can be addressed by software. This makes the boards easy to exchange. Calibration is done automatically and without potmeters.
  • Clear indication of input and output status. Output status can be checked by software (wire break and short circuit signalling).
  • Robust analog inputs (12 bits). Optionally 0-20 mA or 0-10V. Inputs are always protected against 24V overvoltage!
  • Expandable with 8 digital outputs
  • Outputs automatically go into idle state in case of loss of communication with PC.
  • Power supply of outputs can be switched off separately (emergency stop circuit)
  • Galvanic separation RS 485 communication
  • Quickly interchangeable through the use of industrial print plugs
  • Boards are treated with a transparent lacquer layer to protect against moisture and dust