Globale werkwijze van Brunelco

Electronics development, how exactly does this work and what steps are needed to achieve a good end result? How do we ensure that we understand exactly what you want us to develop and, more importantly, that you know what we are going to develop for you? Through the steps below we ensure that the development of your new product runs as smoothly as possible and that at the end of the process there is a production ready product!

Concept phase & feasibility

During the concept phase, we translate your ideas, requirements and wishes for your new product and/or system into a global set-up. We also actively think along with the commercial considerations that usually have to be made.
If there are no predetermined requirements and specifications, we will determine these together with you. Of course we will also test whether these will be feasible on a technical level. This way we know at an early stage what your product will look like!

Global design

When the requirements and specifications are clear and we both agree on the product to be developed, we can start with the global design. In the global design, we will convert these requirements into a hardware and software architecture and start thinking about how we can test the product at a later stage to determine whether it meets all your requirements.

Detail design

After the completion of the overall design, we will continue with the completion of the established architectures. This means that we will give further detail to both hardware and software. At this stage, schematics and PCBs will be designed and software will be written.

Prototype & Testing

After the detailed design, the hardware designs are ready and software is developed to build and test the first prototypes of your product. In this phase we will determine if the product meets your requirements and we will verify this together with you. We will also carry out extensive tests to determine whether the product meets the standards and whether the product is sufficiently developed so that we can detect any problems at an early stage. Any changes will be made and tested and at the end of this phase a product ready for production will be delivered.

Production preparation

When we are fully convinced that the design is good and you want the product to be produced, we will make sure that the product can be produced in larger quantities. This means that we can make any test tools and make sure that the product is actually produced. We can take care of the production support for you by using reliable production partners. The final produced product will always be tested within our own environment and the products you receive will function as you expect!