Accelerometer sensors

Accelerometer sensors measure the acceleration. They can be used to detect vibrations, collisions but also the tilting of objects.

Accelerometers or accelerometer sensors are mainly produced with MEMS technique (Micro Electro Mechancal Systems). Thanks to this technique, where 3D structures are made in a semiconductor substrate, we are able to produce extremely reliable and sensitive sensors at very low prices.

These sensors are used for the activation of airbags, but also in your mobile phone, so that for example the image on the screen tilts automatically.

Thanks to the enormous volumes caused by mobile telephony, sensors have become smaller, better, cheaper and more energy efficient. Another suitable application for these sensors can be the observation of vibrations in machines, allowing you, for example, to carry out preventive maintenance in order to save costs.

Choosing the right sensor is a trade-off between sensitivity, number of axes, noise level, price, combined acceleration and gyro sensors etc…