SO-DIMM 200-pin Realtime embedded controller

realtime embedded controllerWe developed a Microcontroller on Module, STM32F4 SO-DIMM 200pin module as a replacement for a Linux module (Karo TX25). For many of our customers, the so-called real-time aspect has become important or more important. In addition, the complexity of Linux software developments does not encourage fast software development.

Features of this module / key features:

  • STM32F4 processor
  • 128 Kbit FRAM
  • Industrial temperature range, -40 to 85 °C.
  • 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver
  • Peripheral interfaces:
  • Ethernet, USB, SD card, UART, CAN, RS485

Software developments on this board can be carried out in C. In order to speed up the developments, we often use real-time operating systems (freertos).  Or we use our own framework with which we can, as an example, realize a fast board bringup. Because of the use of a bootloader it is possible to update the software over Ethernet.

The SO-DIMM 200 pin module term refers to the shape of the module. This form is often used in memory modules as known from the PCs. However, as can be seen from this module, this form of construction can be used for computer on module applications

Toegepaste Technieken

  • RTOS