Inductive charging

Brunelco has already developed a large number of portable products. In many cases, these products are equipped with a rechargeable power source in the form of a battery. A mains adapter is required to charge such batteries. Your desk will also be full of all kinds of adapters by now.

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In order to put an end to the tangle of adapters, a solution has been devised: wireless charging. And to prevent each product from needing a unique wireless charger, a standard has been devised. Every product that meets this standard can use the same charger. The stand is known as the Qi standard (pronounced Chee). Each product to be charged contains a special receiver for this wireless energy. There are also special charging mats that transmit this wireless energy.

This standard now appears in various products. At the beginning of 2013, Nokia will launch a series of phones on the market that support this technique. There are also car manufacturers that integrate a charging mat in the centre console of the car.

Brunelco is now developing a universal receiver module that can be integrated into products. In this way, wireless charging can easily be added to new products as a function. In that case, the adapters are a thing of the past. Another advantage of this module is that a housing is easier to waterproof, as no charging connector is needed anymore! This module is also available as an OEM solution.

OEM solution for wireless charging

In order to facilitate the integration of wireless charging within various products, Brunelco has developed a compact module. This OEM wireless receiver module provides a connection for the receiver coil at the input. At the output it provides a 5 Volt 500 mA output.

The module is designed around the bqTESLA Qi Compliant chipset from Texas Instruments. The Qi standard has been developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. All wireless power transmitters and wireless power receivers that are designed according to this standard are interchangeable.

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The module itself has a surface area of 5 x 15 mm and a height of only 2 mm. Because of its small size, it is easy to use in various handheld products. The charging coil is supplied separately from the module so that integration into various products is more flexible. In this way, the design of the bobbin can be optimally chosen for each product.