Heating Trace controller

Many years ago Brunelco developed a Heating trace controller for a system to prevent water tubes from frost-bite. This Heating trace controller was further developed into a family of controllers for different applications. Possible applications can be heating systems for production molds, warming systems for tubes, industrial heating systems, soil heating, etc.

Although Brunelco has two types of Heating trace controllers available immediately, we can also adjust these controllers by adapting the hardware or software to fit it in your application.

The solution


The Brunelco Heating trace controllers are much more than just a simple power regulating device. The controllers are intelligent with respect to heating curves, alarming and synchronization to other controllers. The robust design includes a threefold switching circuit and many fault detections.

In many cases heating traces or heating systems consist of multiple heating elements that can be connected in parallel or serial configurations. The electronics of the Brunelco Heating trace controllers are capable of measuring and automatically identifying these configurations and adjust its drive pattern to optimize the regulation of power to the heating system.

The Brunelco Heating trace controllers are all full compliant with CE regulations. Choose the heating trace which suits your needs (power/meter) and we can assist you to get the trace produced and to get the proper electronic device to regulate the power to the trace.

Product characteristics

Product characteristics

• Continuous power for small installations (phase cutting, up to 4A);
• Pulsed power regulators up to 63A, 400V (27 kW);
• Economic version for 16A 230V max (3.6 kW);
• No grid pollution (pure sine wave load);
• No harmonic distortion;
• Adjustable power level;
• Timer function;
• External enable signal (thermostat, SPS);
• Automatic voltage drop correction;
• Indoor and outdoor use

More information?

Do you want to know more about the Brunelco Heating trace controllers and the knowledge and experience Brunelco has on this topic? Do you want to know more about what Brunelco could mean for you regarding development of complex and demanding electronics and embedded software for your product or system? Let us take a look at your problem free of charge and Brunelco will come up with a solution.