Wireless embedded controllers

Wireless embedded system controllers are wireless control components that have been developed specifically for a particular application. This ensures that the features are optimally adapted to the application.

Betrouwbaar in iedere situatie

There are many circumstances in which very reliable connections are necessary. However, a cable connection cannot be made in all cases; the location makes it impossible or it is not practical. For these situations, Brunelco has developed a technique in which information is transmitted wirelessly in a reliable manner. What is special about this is that the data is sent simultaneously via two different routes. Authenticity and integrity of the signal are therefore guaranteed.

Waarom toepassen?

Optimisation takes place in the following areas, among others: dimensions, vibration resistance, temperature range, installation time, connection options, energy consumption, cost price, moisture resistance, delivery continuity, etc.

In order to make it as versatile as possible, we try to develop a controller that is suitable for a complete product line, so that service and stock do not have to carry or store as many different parts as possible.

A costumer example: Enerpac gantry lifting

For Enerpac we have developed a controller for the control of gantry lifts. The controller had to be extremely reliable as there is a serious risk of damage if sensors, controls or safety devices do not function properly. The entire control system must comply with strict European requirements (EN ISO 13849, PL c), including validation by a notified body of compliance with the requirements. The quality of the product must also be validated during production. A tester has been developed for this purpose, which tests every product fully automatically. Each product is given a unique serial number (traceability). There is an additional challenge for wireless controls: stable wireless communication, which can be used anywhere in the world without the need for a licence. Brunelco has developed its own protocol for this, which not only takes into account other sources of interference, but also allows multiple installations to be used in the vicinity of each other.

Lange productlevenscyclus

When selecting the components used, the wish to be able to use the embedded system controller for at least ten years for new machines was taken into account, so the controller must be available for at least 20 years. The controller is designed to be suitable for all gantry types manufactured by Enerpac. This results in economies of scale, so that the solution is ultimately much cheaper!

Next generations in full colour touchscreens

The next generation of wireless embedded controllers will be equipped with a graphical full colour touchscreen, making the controller even more universally applicable. Also in the field of radio technology, improvements are always possible, so that the robustness of the connection is further improved.

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