Realtime indoor tracking & positioning

GPS technology is often used for track and trace applications. In some cases, however, this technique does not offer sufficient possibilities. If you want to determine the position more accurately or if you want to determine the position inside buildings, UWB may be more suitable for you.

With this technique it is possible to determine the position of objects or people to an accuracy of 10 cm, at a high speed (up to 10 times per second!). This allows you to know at any time where an object is located. The number of objects to follow is in principle unlimited. The information can be directly linked to a cloud environment, so that the information can be made accessible anywhere. You can display the information graphically on a map, but the information can also be linked to a stock system, so that the flow of goods and/or people is adjusted in real time; the process flow can be followed live!

With this technique it is possible to guide robots, optimize order picking, prevent collisions, analyze and optimize process movements, study behavior of groups of people, follow movements of athletes, simplify management of equipment, track pallets of goods, etcetera.

Because the technique is based on radio communication, other information can also be transferred, so that you can not only determine the location of an object, but also read out sensor information, for example. Because the technology uses ultra-high frequencies, the messages are very short, which also means that the energy consumption is very low.

Within a few years you will find this technique everywhere where position and sensor information has to be transferred over relatively short distances.