Internet of things

The Internet of Things is no longer a technological Utopia. Although the refrigerator that reports that the milk has run out is still a somewhat exotic solution, equipment, machines and buildings are increasingly being equipped with Internet or Things technology. From a link between security cameras, a malfunction on a machine that is reported directly to the maintenance engineer to measuring equipment along national roads, IoT can now be found everywhere.


The term Internet of Things (IoT) is used for all kinds of equipment that can be connected to the Internet, in order to make data available from all kinds of sources. Smart software combines the data from different sources to make information from them.

The data consists, for example, of consumption data of water and electricity, the information that can be derived from this is whether residents function normally. Deviations from the usual pattern can be reason enough to send someone over to take a look. This can, for example, prevent someone with a broken hip from having to wait for help for days, or worse. IoT is also used to report equipment malfunctions to service departments, or to collect information about the environment.

Brunelco develops products that collect information and forward it to the Internet. Often these applications are battery powered so that an extremely low energy consumption is desired. The type of information is very diverse: from the availability of parking spaces for bicycles to concentrations of particulate matter in the air. The information requirement is diverse, but the common factor is low power and connection to the Internet.

Experts in IoT

For each issue, the most suitable technology (Lora, Zigbee, NbIoT, 4G/5G, etc.) and the required infrastructure are examined. Of course, these products must also be made suitable for the environment in which they are used (temperature, humidity, etc.). Thanks to our many years of experience, we can quickly give you the right advice and, if necessary, realise the solution. All you have to do is market it!

The expectation is that in the near future more and more equipment will be connected to the Internet. This means that more attention is needed for security (hackers?), privacy and standardization. Standardization can prevent devices from interfering with each other’s communications. Standardization also makes it easier to share information with different parties.

Where do we stand now?

Brunelco is also thinking intensively about the many possibilities and applications of Internet of Things, in which wireless communication will play an increasingly important role. We already wrote an article with the current developments about IoT.

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