Embedded System Controllers

Embedded system controllers are control components that have been developed specifically for a particular application. As a result, the properties are optimally adapted to the application. Optimisation takes place in the following areas: vibration resistance, temperature range, installation time, connection options, energy consumption, cost price, moisture resistance, delivery continuity, etc

In order to make it as versatile as possible, we are trying to develop a controller that is suitable for a complete product line, so that service and stock do not have to carry or many different parts.

A customer example…

For the company Teupen, a controller has been developed for use in aerial work platforms. The control unit must operate with the utmost reliability as there is a serious risk of injury if sensors, control units or safety devices do not function properly. The entire control system is therefore redundant, with both system components monitoring each other’s operation. The entire control system must comply with strict European requirements (EN ISO 13849, PL d), whereby the DEKRA has also validated whether the requirements have been met. During production, too, it must be validated whether the product complies with the quality aspects. A tester has been developed for this purpose, which tests each product fully automatically and records the test results in a database. Each product is given a unique serial number which is linked to the test data (traceability). When selecting the components used, the wish to be able to use the embedded system controller for at least ten years for new machines was taken into account, so the controller must be available for at least 20 years. The controller has been designed to be suitable for all types of machines manufactured by Teupen. This results in a scalable solution that is ultimately much cheaper!

We develop your specific control system

Even though it is an embedded controller, due to its universal design, the product could be suitable for your application as well. We would like to investigate this during a non-binding meeting.